About Us

Trippy Row

noun /ˈtrɪpi/ /rəʊ/

“Whoa, I heard they got the new Trippy Row hoodie!”

Based in Los Angeles, Trippy Row is an International street-wear brand for all. Founded in 2020, Trippy Row delivers fresh perspectives and original designs on high-quality apparel, affordable for all.

Trippy Row can mean whatever you want it to mean…  

Trippy Row can be an alternate universe where no concept of gravity or hate exists. It can be rebels fighting against their oppressors and breaking free. It can be bees pollinating a flower. When you rep Trippy Row you become part of a community that advocates for EQUITY and WORLD PEACE.

Tshirts are 100% cotton with a boxy, pre shrunk fit. The Hoodies are 50% cotton and 50% poly fleece.